Branches: Three Offerings

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I am putting out a request for Three Offerings to The Peoples Monastery from you.

The offerings are (1) A Cup, (2) A Bowl and (3) A Book. The Cup & Bowl will be used at our events. The Book will become a part of our growing library. These offerings have become a beloved and cherished tradition in our community.

This Cup can be a large mug, or a Cup carved out of a sacred tree or a Cup special to you. It is large enough for someone to be able to have a substantial amount of liquid. . This is the Cup that the Peoples Monastery seeks.

This Bowl is a large meal sized bowl. This is the Bowl that one would serve a healthy portion of vegetables, beans & rice, tofu or a warm, thick and hearty stew. This is the Bowl that the Peoples Monastery seeks.

This Book is a book of your choice that represents your passion of Spirit, Love, God or the Universe. This book is an offering of your breed of divinity. It can be a Holy Book, Literature, Photography/ Art Book, Biography, History, Science, Politics, Race, Sexuality, Gender, Age, or The-Other-Realm-As-The-Lines-Between-Art-&-Truth Book. This is the Book that YOU seek.


Please mail The Three Offerings to:

The Peoples Monastery
172 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217