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The Peoples Monastery is an interfaith organization based in New York that serves the community through artistic offerings, educational forums, and ritual that illuminates religious and spiritual commonalities within all of humanity.



We say “Yes” to respecting and honoring the belief system of others by creating a safe space to foster individual spiritual expression and divinity.

We strive to be honorable and accountable within our words and speech as they reflect righteous action.

We aim to respect Mother Earth by being an active participant in the preservation of her natural resources and beauty.

We aspire to be a manifestation of interfaith and inter-spirituality as we seek the divine universality in all walks of faith.

We illuminate the equal importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit by self-care and the care of others.

We uphold a communal walk through life while being in respectful service to our Elders, our Ancestors and nurturing our Youth in the Village of Humanity.

We believe in expanding the circle of universal faith while maintaining integrity and authenticity within our own individual belief systems, spiritual practices and moral codes.

There is nothing to be converted to nor is there a hierarchy that creates a false or unwarranted human authority. This is a community where your own light shines the brightest among other beautiful light-bearers.


Circle Sessions are hosted monthly by The Peoples Monastery year round. (See Tree and Blog for more info.)